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File: 1s8csbqq.wizardchan.9YSxdlM.gif (896.09 KB, 500x750, 9YSxdlM.gif)

No. 45384 [Reply]

>tfw lying in bed at night and thinking about what your life could've been

What have been the worst decisions you made in your life, /wiz/? My worst decision was probably staying inside for years and years for so long that I developed lots of health problems and allergies that are incurable. My second worst decision was using this fucking acne cream on my face for years which dried out my skin so badly it now never heals at all. Literally I've had the same red acne marks on my face for over 4 years now. They're never going to go away.

Overall I'd say the decisions I made are ultimately irrelevant as my life would've went to shit no matter what I did because of the panic attacks in high school which killed my confidence and lead to me becoming a shut-in loser with no friends.

Now my life just gets worse and worse each day with more and more health problems and other problems. I find myself retreating more and more into my mind, back to a time when I was happier and reliving those moments when I actually had friends and people who cared about me. Fantasizing about another me in another universe who turned out alright. Drifting hopelessly on a boat lost at sea.. into a world of shallow memories and distant dreams.

Please respond.
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The answer to your allergies and skin ailments is urine therapy.

Urine therapy is also alchemy and will lead to mage-like ability.

Seek the man, Andrew Norton Webber.


Ancient Egyptian Water of Life Papyrus


The water of life is given to you, drink it and wash your body
with it.

It is given to you for your spirit, mind, and body-for the man
and woman inside of you.

The water of life is given to us to make us whole-oneness
in ourselves.

It increases the ability of the hidden senses. It gives one
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When I was younger, I used to hold in my shit so I wouldn't have to take breaks from playing video games. This caused my sphincter to grow weak, to the point where shit would come out no matter how hard I tried to force it back. It got to the point where I was shitting myself all the time because of this. I eventually got over it, by by that time, my self esteem and social standing were ruined. To this day I have an anal fissure and have to violently force out all of my poops or else they won't come out. I worry that I will have hernia problems for a long time in my life, starting soon. Also, in high school, I used to wear studded belts like a faggot and this caused me to get psoriasis on my ass-crack from having to sit on them against hard chairs for long periods of time. It itches like crazy and any time I scratch it, people are disgusted for me scratching my ass, even the people who claim to understand, like my family.


>find a field of study which you're both comfortable with and that has $$$ potential
>study the shit out of it, know it's basics fully (you have no friends, prefer/need to stay indoors - you're the ultimate learning machine)
>specialize in a certain area, be an expert, read all the theory and try to get practice or at least study practice being done by others
>capitalize on your knowledge
>make it your goal to take vengeance on this society by becoming smarter and better than dumb as rocks normalfags

Should you succeed you will no longer be the loser shut-in. All of a sudden you will be considered "interesting", "mysterious", "disturbed" and other shit said by people who could never understand what you went through. It is at this point that you have a platform to actually start doing shit with your life. You get a chance to be a fucking human instead of some witless cattle-like Chad.

Dostoyevsky said: all great men suffered great misery. You have been given misery but you have also been given potential. Know this - you live what normal people are afraid of even thinking. The fact that you didn't an hero yourself already shows you have the guts and endurance. All you need is to make it work, and not despair for not being a mindless sheep satiated by fulfilling the most primitive of desires.


My worst decision to date has been the same as >>45393 in regards to going to college right after high school.

My second worst decision was to take up the browsing of imageboards. I've wasted nearly a third of my life now just dicking around on them.

File: 1s8ir5qw.wizardchan.1395546037880.png (49.69 KB, 250x250, 1395546037880.png)

No. 45541 [Reply]

>an otherwise average face
>horrible disgusting acne
>if it wasn't for my acne I might actually look decent

w-what should I do
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we're all gluten and lactose intolerant to some extent. As hunter-gatherers, we're simply not supposed to eat that kind of shit. Just like cows aren't supposed to eat meat. But they can. But they shouldn't.

Of course, there's so much money involved that the scam needs to continue… You give your money to McDonalds & Pizza Hut, and then GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi Aventis, etc. Sell the poison and the cure, oldest trick in the book.

My views on health are the same as Arnold Ehret's.

But hey, I'm not going to waste my time trying to convince you. I gave you my opinion.


From the thumbnail it kinda looked like a naked chick with a ball gag in her mouth


eh could be worse; acne is fixable.

I am 6'1, manage to be attractive enough putting zero effort into myself for girls to talk to me, and have been told I would be an easy 7-7.5 or higher if I did, am quite intelligent and have good confidence in social situations.

but I have aspergers and literally everybody I talk to for longer than 20 minutes stops talking to me because I say wierd shit. you can't fix aspergers (except, maybe, with a bullet)



basically all of those foods are processed one way or another. Fresh foods are most easily digested and have the most nutrients.

I`m trying to reduce gluten and lactose myself, but its very hard especially when you live with parents who buy mostly garbage food. I know that I shouldn`t complain as they pretty much provide for me, but these processed foods have ruined my digestion. I`ve had some form of IBS and food intolerance for years now.


see my problem isn't that I say weird shit, it's that I just don't know what to say. Just a couple things, than I'm not sure how to continue things unless I've known that person for YEARS and i'm comfortable

not sure what's worse

File: 1s8iuv67.wizardchan.1393645455029.jpg (14.51 KB, 443x376, 1393645455029.jpg)

No. 45544 [Reply]

>see a thread
>want to say something funny but it almost has 300 posts
>save the OP in a .txt and wait until next week to post it then write my funny post

Am I the only one with this feel




File: 1s8j9xsp.wizardchan.1347778087723.jpg (89.13 KB, 452x710, 1347778087723.jpg)

>nobody responds

File: 1s7zcb1o.wizardchan.norm.png (173.71 KB, 1920x1080, norm.png)

No. 45024 [Reply]


When was the exact moment when 4chan started to become shit?
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File: 1s8igx28.wizardchan.d0f708b6fad81d8162fe62a4e.jpg (17.31 KB, 409x393, d0f708b6fad81d8162fe62a4ecb77c…)

>mfw aussies crashed 4chan


M-maybe I should visit /pol/


>Looked up "ultra-model"
>Destroyed hard drive


4chan was always shit, stop being such a hipster.


4chan is always better when one first goes there because they have no idea of what it is and what oldfags should think it should be.

With time it inevitably changes, usually in a way you don't want it to. It's a cycle.

File: 1s8h9tww.wizardchan.tmp_PANO_20140423_1030278.png (958.48 KB, 1768x422, tmp_PANO_20140423_103027815119…)

No. 45477 [Reply]

ITT: non-neet wizards and apprentices post their favorites places outside.
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Where is this OP?


Birds are not that important.


File: 1s8ivky5.wizardchan.IMG_1128.png (847.7 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1128.png)

>I like how these places haven`t been torn down to make way for some shitty malls, or something of that irk

I know what you mean.

Driving around town and looking at all the new buildings going up makes me feel like the entire world is gonna be one big, dead strip mall one day.

At least for now there are still some wild places left.


Me too. I hate seeing these new developments with windy roads and wood buildings with a cheap, tacky, "stylish" facade of decoration on them. Shit getting consoliated on main roads with quick access to the local capitalism hub featuring walmart, McD, and various other chains.


File: 1s8j78hz.wizardchan.tmp_PANO_20140423_1031591.png (767.13 KB, 1470x426, tmp_PANO_20140423_103159159-40…)

ok, this the rooftop of a university building, it`s not a common building, was designed by a famous local architect, and it`s only for graduate students classes (human sciences) so it`s really calm and there`s little to no people around, i like it because i can sit down in the halls to do my stuff instead of trying to work in the library which is full of people that just talk like the place was some kind of cafe or social club, it`s fucking annoying.
but anon i like to think that birds are my friends

a view of the zone from the same location of 1rst photo

File: 1s5tuhdw.wizardchan.Christian Weston Chandler.png (325.76 KB, 500x375, Christian Weston Chandler vlcs…)

No. 43332 [Reply]

Is he the patron saint of wizardchan?
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Wait… is this person recording someone singing when they think they're alone and uploading it to YouTube without their permission?
What an asshole.


I like this guy. The mouse utopia video was an interesting watch.



Mid 2012. Yeah, he really did, the CWCki talks about it but he hasn't really told anyone the details.





YouTube Embed: Click to Play

This guy reminds me of a greasier and unfunny version of bill burr

File: 1s8a8lgu.wizardchan.Qub59DM.gif (1.74 MB, 245x272, Qub59DM.gif)

No. 45351 [Reply]

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Well that was pretty obvious.


maybe true for women


Its that chick form Broad City


Sauce pls? She's hot. I'd like to plant my face in her ass.



"He" being OP's point, I believe.

File: 1s61crw4.wizardchan.NiYdnam.png (134.85 KB, 794x422, NiYdnam.png)

No. 43478 [Reply]

Can we have a true advice thread for wizards? None of this normie garbage, just true facts about life that our wizardry has embellished within us.
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Now, when you say you were "in love", do you mean that you actually had a successful relationship built on mutual trust and support, or do you mean you pined after some milquetoast dime-a-dozen white bitch and mistook the resultant stains in your drawers for "love"?


>Nobody wants to help those who are actually in need of most help
I don't like this. What you should've said was that nobody can help you because your problems (character flaws) are intrinsic parts of you that only you can change thus, even if everyone wanted to help you, they can only help you help yourself.

Instead, your advice implies that everyone is apathetic to everyone else's suffering because they don't consider you valuable. It's quite pessimistic because it carries the implication that they could do something but choose to do nothing and thus, hold power over you and thus, are responsible for your current state thus, should be hated as they "made you this way".

The final sentiment about the importance of being happy by yourself though is definitely something I can agree with. If you're miserable and you enter a relationship, this person can't magically fix everything, even if they wanted to. All they can do is distract you from the pain created by your flaws or help you help yourself but by that point, it's clear that this person doesn't really love "you", what they love is who you could be. You love this person but this person's love is completely dependent on you becoming what they're hoping for. If the investment fails, get ready to be alone again.

TL;DR It's not that nobody will ever help you. It's that nobody can ever help you.


What is love?


File: 1s8hh90w.wizardchan.1380180434291.jpg (665.84 KB, 773x921, 1380180434291.jpg)


Just do whatever the fuck you want, don't think that you are obligated to do something that you don't want to (like getting a good job) because you're expected to by society
You want to do nothing and eat sweets all day and get fat and probably die earlier? Do it
You want to go and make movies, or music, or write books? Do it
We're all going to die eventually, it doesn't matter if its tomorrow or 50 years from now, so nothing that we will ever do will matter anyway so just do what you feel like, as long as you don't affect other people directly (like murdering, stealing etc).

File: 1s2xavjy.wizardchan.Untitled.png (73.8 KB, 937x695, Untitled.png)

No. 41548 [Reply]

ITT: We share ways to make money for guys with a lifestyle like ours

Whether it be something you've managed to do or simply an idea you think sounds good.

I set up an OKCupid profile as a girl a while back, set the location to London (any high pop city will work but I know the UK better than say, Los Angeles so can answer questions if need be)

I put in a lot of writing to my account, made it subtle, made up an anecdote that appealed to footfags (biggest fetish)

I also subtly slipped in that I wasn't above selling my nudes to strangers online for paypal donations, said that I got off on people paying for it.

Lo and behold people actually messaged me asking to buy them, and they did.

The profile pics and the nudes I sent? Just shit I'd found on /soc/ that doesn't show up on Google reverse search (if they do show up though you can flip the image)

I disabled the account now though because it just got to the point where I couldn't be bothered to sift through 300 messages a day looking for the guys willing to donate.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That games been around so long now I'm surprised everyone doesn't have those things.

A couple of years ago I was working on getting to hellmode and some dude made a game called "free items" and so I joined. It was some dude who was quitting the game, and he was just dumping all his shit. He had like 30 characters so it took like an hour.

After he was done I could almost solo hell mode Baal on my barb, but he was immune to physical. He couldn't kill me though.

>tfw characters have expired by now


OP, do you think you can give us the profile you set up (the text). At least the part about not being above selling nudes. I want to try this but I am bad at writing stuff like that.


Act bosses don't have immunities…

Baal does have a lot of hp though


Buy stock
Sell stock at least a 20% increase (past whatever brokerage fees they have)
Make money, buy more stock.


You missed out the "lose money" section. Most people make that mistake.

File: 1s8hejg3.wizardchan.1398258405001.jpg (905.54 KB, 3588x2108, 1398258405001.jpg)

No. 45482 [Reply]

Someone posted this on krautchan
Went to 4chan and
>Posting temporarily disabled. Come back later!
Some guy went and hacked 4chan and moot's account
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File: 1s8hq1zy.wizardchan.notmakingmoney.png (28.67 KB, 515x582, notmakingmoney.png)




File: 1s8hww9r.wizardchan.136731599153532432.png (35.82 KB, 500x732, 136731599153532432.png)

I'm Australian


Ah well 4chan is back up and running already


File: 1s8i7e6l.wizardchan.1398282132969.jpg (271.42 KB, 572x1703, 1398282132969.jpg)

/int/ is having a field day with this right now

File: 1s8hxoeq.wizardchan.1335970576921.jpg (103.51 KB, 553x484, 1335970576921.jpg)

No. 45521 [Reply]

Matter cannot be destroyed
Matter is finite
The universe is so large that the human mind cannot comprehend it and it is expanding. It may even be infinite.
Eventually the universe will collapse in on itself in a big crunch, followed by another big bang.

Given enough time, matter will assemble in such a way, that you will once again come into existence. How many times have I posted this exact same thread, at this exact same time? Do we even have free will?

It also follows that there are copies of you, in existence, right now, somewhere in the universe. Though they are not quite you, as you are not consciously them. You exist, currently, as you, not the copies. But then what is consciousness? If you stepped into a transporter in Star Trek, would the thing that came out the other end, be YOU? Or a copy? Would your consciousness cease to exist? Why do "things" exist at all? What is the universe? The fact that I can see, touch, smell and taste things is extraordinary.

>tfw I'm on the verge of achieving CHIM


File: 1s8hzxkh.wizardchan.Nasiba Abdullaeva _ Насиб.webm (3.5 MB, 176x144, Nasiba Abdullaeva _ Насиба Абд…)

Yeah man, that's real fuckin' neato.

tfw I'm serious
tfw these are actually quite interesting philosophical questions
tfw I'm too drunk/apathetic/jaded to participate in philosophical discussions
tfw I miss my big sister ;-;
tfw all I can offer to this thread is Soviet music and spoiler text


File: 1s8i2exm.wizardchan.1393869287937.jpg (45.15 KB, 500x282, 1393869287937.jpg)

You couldn't be less significant in universal scale, yet you are the most important thing in the universe to you.

File: 1s7d6bqf.wizardchan.image.jpg (54.66 KB, 500x282, image.jpg)

No. 44456 [Reply]

>it's around 2 PM; just got done helping dad shave cat.
>decide to go on shitty 2005 family computer.
>"Hmm…I wonder if the local grocery store has any positions."
>goes onto site and sees two positions: bagged and grocery stocker.
>latter is either part-time or full-time; preferable.
>go fill out two online applications ASAP. Sent.
>call manager about applications; said they'll call me back.
>few minutes later! I get the call that they'll do an interview on Thursday at 2 PM.
>"Oh shit. OH SHIT! I'm packin, heat, baby!"

I wasn't expecting to get such a fast response. I'm really freakin' excited about this. I've never had a single job before (although plenty of work experience). I've been a neet for pretty much 10 months now. I've also been living a semi-hikikomori style since there's pretty much no where to go what with living in a rural area and parents not wanting to waste gas.

In a way, I'm also nervous since I want to make a good impression. I wanna make sure they end up being very pleased to interview with me. I'm very optimistic and hope to keep it that way throughout the week.

If anyone would like to, please give any tips. I already know the basic "make sure to be clean and neat." and all that. I just meant what kind of questions they may ask for.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1s8divam.wizardchan.image.jpg (31.17 KB, 352x302, image.jpg)


Then why did people reply anyway? It's up to others to decide whether or not they wanna see post like this.

Also, all of this could easily blow up in my face in one big shaudenfreude. So yeah.


salary is usually mininum wage
would not ask at all



Good job, OP. It's amazing how much better relationships with parents can be when you have a job. Even if it's just at a grocery store, it really helps.



I figured it was around minimum wage. I'm hoping to at least get a small raise soon if I do a good job.


It does. It's mainly because the pressure/worry related to not having a job is so great; especially if the parents aren't making that much. That and the stigma involved in society. Add this to other worries, as well.

I'm hoping this whole thread isn't making anyone too envious but I feel it's inevitable. It's understandable. The me from 4 or 10 weeks ago would be envious as Hell if he heard someone was getting a job. I like to think of it like that one thread about the guy who tried to go into the military except not as detailed or exciting.

I think I'm going to stop updating on the whole thing in about a week. The purpose was to mainly see whether I got the job or not. After I complete orientation, and unless something happens, I will leave this thread be unless anyone else has questions or comments.


Your excitement reminds me of Ulililia.

File: 1s87jolt.wizardchan.1397964626415.jpg (84.86 KB, 500x520, 1397964626415.jpg)

No. 45231 [Reply]

Is humanity inherently evil and cruel?
16 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


And who decides what killing is necessary and what is unnecessary? Humans can survive solely on plant based products in this day ang age, so is killing animals unnecessary and evil?


yep, thats why i consider meat eaters cannibals, though i am one myself


I don't see it as any different from eating plants. Humans are just more capable of empathy towards animals since they show similar responses to pain and death, wthis is why vegetarians exist.


>wthis is why vegetarians exist
not really, probably about half are vegetarians for that reason, a lot of them just want to stay healthier and are scared of cancer and shit like that

in reality we are the same as animals, though we don't care because animals can't make us as happy as how humans can


>Caring about killing animals

>while typing from an iFag built by chinese children

>while african niggers die from starvation every second

>while far far away some planet possibly with sentient life is getting struck by a meteor storm and whatever beings live there are getting smashed to death by hot rocks falling from the sky

It just goes that way, if you get the big picture and judge it by human morality, life is shit.

You don't necessarily have to judge things as right or bad, especially knowing that not being omniscient you couldn't possibly reach a non-flawed judgement.

File: 1s73esru.wizardchan.1378930981979.png (341.03 KB, 565x272, 1378930981979.png)

No. 44291 [Reply]

Any other guys here from poor families?
30 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Nope, upper middle class family here. I have a part-time job since they now don't buy me shit, but allow me to live without rent payments, food, etc. I don't own a car and use my mom's, and she pays for gas usually. Only personal payments I do are for medicine and insurance which is $40 a month, and about $130 every 3 months for meds.

Basically all my money goes to frivolities and leisure, and for that I'm grateful. My parents are however very concerned about me living independently, to which I do ponder, although I'm not too worried. I plan on online university sometime in the future. I do save majority of my money however.


I always feel shame for being priveleged.


born and raised (and continue to live in) in a two bedroom apartment with two siblings and two parents in nyc. actually that's not even totally true i was born in a one bedroom apartment, and were both of my siblings, we didn't move into the two bedroom place until i was ten. i've gotten used to it so it doesn't really bother me, most of my friends are from the same SE background, but my mother's family and my fathers family are richfags.

also i'm white, not even hispanic or nigger.


I have an online friend who told me that, he's from a rich family so he just NEETs up and does nothing with his life and we talked about me needing to get a job and to move out soon and he told me the same, but don't feel embarassed, it's not something you have a control over and if any of us were in your situation we'd do the same, so enjoy it as much as you can while it lasts.


I have suicidal thoughts and talk to myself a lot. Must be from being alone and hardly having any friends for the past 10 years. Hopefully the therapy will help.

File: 1s7x8b41.wizardchan.1387238068320.png (151.74 KB, 1200x1620, 1387238068320.png)

No. 44951 [Reply]

16 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Not all lefties are post-modern SJWs.


He fucked up on commas, too.


Pop psychology that pretends to tell us the "secret" thoughts of leftist.

Anyone can write something like that. Here's me fake psychoanalyzing conservatives along the same lines.

1. Conservatives lack confidence in themselves even though they pretend to be "self-reliant." That is why they need larger social institutions, such as family, nation, and church, to make them feel more integrated into a collective and thus relieve themselves of being independent human beings.

2.Conservatives have an inferiority complex. That is why they desperately cling to the accomplishments of their ancestors, who actually built Western Civilization, and pretend that it is their own. They know they could not possible build something better because of secret feelings of weakness and inferiority. That is why they are afraid of change.

So on and so fourth…


Being surrounded by liberals can cause one to lose normal mental functions


That article is retarded. Supporting left economic policies has nothing to do with being and politically correct genderfluid feminazi. There are scientific rationalist anarcho-communists.

I know because I used to be one. Now I'm a contrarian.

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