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File: 1411167656773.jpg (458.63 KB, 1104x658, why.jpg)

 No.78292 [Reply]

>hear normies talking to each other whenever I go anywhere
>they never say anything of substance, everything is small talk
>it has about as much meaning as the barks of dogs
>people actually spend most of their lives having fake conversations with fake personas of people created for social interaction
>normies are actually more alone than we are
Why do they even bother?
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File: 1411172345722.gif (474.86 KB, 255x193, world peace.gif)

I work overnight shifts in a 24 hour grocery store. I thought it'd let me avoid people, but I was so wrong. Between 11pm and 2 am we get normalfags coming in to buy liquors for their parties or whatever the fuck it is they do at night, and they're always talking. Like, I'm standing off to the side stocking a shelf, and they're talking, and if I have to hear one more side conversation about some bullshit that happened Up In The Club, I'm gonna lose it.

Why the fuck do they have to be so damned loud, you guys? Every night it's the same shit. I thought once summer ended, all the high school kids would stop coming in, but nope. It turns out they weren't high school kids, even though they acted like it. These were grown adults. Fully matured normalfags, behaving like children.

>spend hours making shelves look nice

>in the span of 14 hours, these neanderthals wreck everything
>my face every time some giddy fucker takes some perishable item, like a slab of meat, from the other side of the store and leaves it in my area because he doesn't want it anymore, and I find it god knows how many hours later, shoved all the way to the back of a fucking shelf

I cannot fucking stand these people. Fuck the public. Fuck normalfags. Working nights only increased my disdain for the public in general.

They don't discuss anything. Their conversations – which I spend four nights a week overhearing against my will – always span the most vapid topics imaginable, but everything's funnier in groups for these people, and so they'll all laugh like whoever just said "liquor? More like LICK, HER" is the most clever motherfucker on the planet.

It's so god damned discouraging. I thought the only people at 2 am would be quiet recluses like me. Instead all I found were normalfags. I really don't feel like there's a place for me anywhere.


At its worst its just a way to deal with silence which they are conditioned to find uncomfortable.

At its best its a social lubricant that helps builds up trust between them that allows for more serious conversations at other times.

>normies are actually more alone than we are.

Not true in the slightest. Being lonley because you lack a soul-mate or equal but have plenty of people to engage and have sex with is very different to what we experience.


because life is too generous in letting people behave how they want

ignorance is bliss


File: 1411390971637.png (31.89 KB, 646x610, 1409570803135.png)

They speak just to speak, it's quite confusing.


I've never heard a single conversation that sounded like this.
Here's what the people at my work talk about:
>recent events, e.g. latest iphone release
>their holidays
>what they did last evening, mostly sports
>then congratulate each other on sports-related achievements

File: 1411361994973.jpg (38.06 KB, 675x450, image.jpg)

 No.78862 [Reply]

>RIP 4chan
>trying to find alternative site to talk about general stuff and politics
>everybody is talking about 8chan
>4chan is now halfchan
>everything seems great
>find out the admin goes by the handle "Hot wheels"
>do some sleuthing

Guess who?
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you sounds like a swell guy.


Nope. The 4chan x developers all supported cripple, the cock.li owner made a board there, and the toonami streamer on /co/ shut down his stream because of GG. So there's three right there. Also, they got snacks back. A lot of real people are angry at poole for being a coward and protecting his sjw fuckbuddies.


>The 4chan x developers all supported cripple
An irrelevant plugin that 4chad's default extension already covers.

>cock.li owner made a board there


>toonami streamer on /co/ shut down his stream because of GG



>Also, they got snacks back

Thank god. That cancerous fuck was annoying as hell.

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Would you rather have had him lie to us and still be admin? Sure, he could have just resigned without saying anything, but I think we would have figured it out eventually anyway.


He didn't resign. Proprietor banned his ass after he confessed on IRC and images were revealed.

File: 1410602222470.jpg (16.12 KB, 500x461, feeling .jpg)

 No.76200 [Reply]

Would you consider your fellow wizards on here friends? Woudln't that make us all normies?
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This. Perfect analogy++


I do not. We all have shared reasons being here, but we have differing reasons as well. We have similar hobbies and such, but we do not all share the same beliefs. By having a hobbies board, it allows people to SOCIALIZE and talk about their hobbies. It's normalfag activity.


If this isn't the most stupid and edgy post, I don't know what is.


Y-yes, i love all of you.


no, just more or less extensions of the cosmos.

File: 1411266099919.jpg (286.56 KB, 638x1464, rooshv.jpg)

 No.78618 [Reply]

We will never be as low as the succubi worshippers on the rooshv forums.
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What we are is an admirable breed: the ones who embraced their reject status as inevitable and accepted their place in the cosmos rather then delude themselves into thinking we're more then we really are. We are at peace, and we are all the wiser for it. We are more mature in all our immaturity then any of those PUA losers ever will be. They can keep their STDs and scams and broken dreams.


I wish I could vote/thump up this post. Do we even have this functionality? :)


>women want them

No, read their blogs, it's failure and frustation with an occasional drunk fatty as their prize.

PUA's aren't alpha, they're omega's cosplaying as alpha's.


It's actually funny to call them out on that and read their butthurt reactions.

That being said, I play wow for almost 10 years now and you have no idea what happens when a girl appears in teamspeak.


>PUAs are abnormals trying to be normal
Man, that sucks. I was kind of hoping to go for PUA as part of my normie-training since I'm socially retarded and I thought PUAs had some kind of "third eye" with regards to social interaction i.e. being able to "read" people. I really did buy into the mystique of the whole thing. Ah well. I guess I'll stick to my hobbies, oblivious to all the social opportunities around me that might allow me to further my career.

>Tfw you'll never be anything like Sherlock Holmes and will probably lose your job because some succubus at work conspired with others to get you fired.

File: 1411207194264.jpg (49.5 KB, 451x378, megotsthis.jpg)

 No.78421 [Reply]

All I've ever wished was to be an archetypal nerd.

Studious, intelligent, and skilled rather than lazy
Passionate, happy, and wondered with certain topics rather than completely apathetic.

And while not particularly admired, at least acknowledged as a human being. No one would look and assume, "degenerate". (protip: simply wear eyeglasses for strangers' at the supermarket to treat you better in this regard. if not prescription then just cosmetic like I do. And if anyone is ever to ask: yes, of course they're prescription).

Independent financial success, comfortability, and a proud extensive family. A real human being and a real hero.
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File: 1411361476484.png (212.37 KB, 466x356, Derision.png)

>My uncle didn't put a foot on the school, he hated it, yet he learnt about truck mechanics by himself and had a very good job.

Yes, because that is so possible outside BabyBoomerFantasy Land


>I don't think talent is something you're born with
No offense, but you've got to be incredibly stupid to actually believe this.
That or you simply don't understand the difference between talent, passion and the ability to work hard.


To be fair one of the traits of autism as defined by the US defining agency or whatever is that asperger's people only have narrow interests, not necessarily low willpower.


I can learn a language in 3 months.

It takes other people years.

And yet I've never been able to get a job in my life.

We're not all born equal friend.


Did you respond to the wrong post? Because what you wrote only confirms what I said, yet it seems to be written in a dismissive tone.

File: 1411064767402.jpg (89.45 KB, 488x516, nofunallowed.jpg)

 No.77946 [Reply]

Has anyone ever stopped masturbating for a week or longer? How different did you feel afterwards?

I've tried many times unsuccessfully but I am going to try again. General abstinence thread.
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I'm going to go 1 week in october, 2 in november, 3 in december, then on nofap 2015 I will go for 1 month and maybe see how long I can go after that.


I try to fap at least once every few days. I'm a true manchild, in the strongest sense of the word and my libido/sexual desires are basically still stuck in 14-year-old mode. Big tits in a bikini/bra are enough to get me going, not just a little bit but full-on "holy shit I'm so horny I can't stand it". If I don't fap enough I just start thinking more and more about sex and looking at porn, and if I can't look at porn I fantasize in my head. I need to have my regular faps or I get so horny I start looking at escort sites, even though I don't have the balls to ever actually see one and that's just a huge waste of time plus the first step down a path I don't feel like taking. I guess I should be happy that my libido is so strong but when your chances of ever doing anything with it are zero, it's more of a curse than anything else.


>Feeling the need to emphasise that NoFap doesn't count if you're having sex
>On wizardchan




nothing changes after week 1, it's basically useless to keep on going if you're expecting to see some result

you're just denying yourself harmless pleasure


The best I got to recently was I believe 20-25 days. This was november of last year. It really sucked because one of the days I had an erection for 5 hours. Once I finally couldn't do it anymore I watched a ton of videos and edged for 3-5 hours. One of the most intense things I ever tried.

File: 1411200206673.jpg (8.66 KB, 250x187, 1409866865539s.jpg)

 No.78406 [Reply]

How old do you have to be to become wizard apprentice?
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Agreed. I've been told by a psychologist that after 25 you're more or less gone for good. Then again it all varies.


that picture is so fucking faggy


>tfw 8 months away from being 25
>tfw 2014 has been the worst year of my life and I'm getting progressively worse in every sense of the word
I'm becoming more numb by the day and when I reach 25 I think I'll be completely indifferent to my horrible existence. I knew from a very young age that I'd become a wizard so I guess it'll be easier for me.


File: 1411397169828.jpg (3.47 MB, 3264x2448, 20130129_191507.jpg)

Embrace. Rejoice.
But do not squander in agony. That's for the weak and the unworthy.


File: 1411397857727.jpg (55.28 KB, 468x468, 6_brenda_ann-_spencer.jpg)

tfw no oppresed shooter succubies

File: 1409348246216.png (21.52 KB, 250x250, 2.png)

 No.70794 [Reply]

Approximately how many pictures of yourself are there on the internet?

I know there's one from my ID on my university's website and one on my brother's camera from a party years ago that he might upload any day.
Other than that there's no way to see my face online.
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I'm pretty sure I'm on the cover of some highschool education book for teachers from a few years ago



and I found it through google search but I'm not gonna show it


File: 1411313360488.png (16.25 KB, 195x179, sadfrog happy.png)

But they cause misery in most of the normies there, especially the vapids.


I've never uploaded any pictures of myself anywhere. My family may have though.


There's old pictures of me on Facebook even though I haven't logged into it in about 3 years. There also some naked pics of me somewhere

File: 1410553804443.gif (13.91 KB, 80x61, my gf.gif)

 No.76013 [Reply]

Lately I kinda enjoy sticking things up my urethra while I jerk off. It's a very weird feeling that's kinda similar to when you have to cum or something like that, and it makes my dick drool with precum. I usually use my headphone wire, I make a little U shape and stick it in my dick a few cm deep and leave it there or jerk it around a bit.

I've also tried sticking a finger up my ass when I'm in the shower (so I don't have to deal with shitty fingers) but I don't really like it at all, maybe I'm doing it wrong.
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I hump my bed.


File: 1411390133695.png (288.72 KB, 642x322, yflVd6N.png)

I pretty much stopped using bare hands ever since I got myself some onaholes.
I wouldn't do the butt stuff or urethra instertion though, I would probably feel bad/degenerate/gay about it. (I'm not saying that people who do it are any of this, it's just definitely not for me)


File: 1411393095798.png (78.65 KB, 282x386, 1111.png)

>tfw too afraid to buy a lube from shop and can't order it online since I live with parents

I guess I am stuck with using an olive oil.


Am I supposed to use lube when sounding?
What are the best tools to use for sounding?


This thread made my penis hurt

File: 1411251915802.jpg (22.8 KB, 640x430, a_copy_of_a_copy_of_a_copy.jpg)

 No.78571 [Reply]

Holy shit, do any of you wake up every single day with a crushing fatigue? It's literally like I have to pull myself up like I'm dragging a truck and it doesn't matter if I've just had a perfect nights sleep or not.

Does anyone know what causes this shit and how to fix it? I'm been trying to keep up exercise but I'm not optimistic it will help.

What do wiz.
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>>78906 i only have your best interest at heart
is that so?so why did you abandon the wizardry ways?


File: 1411394133667.jpg (80 KB, 505x673, the ride ends here.jpg)

>Go to bed at 4-6pm
>Wake up at 8am
>Force self out of bed
>Feel tired 3 hours later
>Drink 2 cups of coffee
>Feel tired 3 hours later
>Drink 2 cups of coffee
>Feel tired 3 hours later
>Repeat cycle


Drink coffee


File: 1411394967580.jpg (58.57 KB, 500x536, what-the-hell.jpg)


Being addicted to benzos would mean he wouldn't care. At least for me benzos work like magic when it comes to caring (not).


Addiction means you care even more.
>everyone is rich enough to use an endless supply of drugs
Addiction is a bitch when you run out.

File: 1410841376986.png (109.18 KB, 779x751, empathy_tests.png)

 No.77106 [Reply][Last 50 Posts]


This is the Eyes Test. It was developed by Simon Baron-Cohen as part of the study of autism. It is supposed to measure your ability to perceive the emotions of others. It is a test of baseline social intelligence. Social skills are another matter entirely.

According to autism studies, the Baron-Cohen Eyes Test is a reliable metric of your social intelligence and ability to read the emotions of others. It is not a foolproof test of empathy; high-function sociopaths and borderline personality disorder sufferers score higher than average on this test. Nevertheless, scores are relatively stable for people who retake the test.

My score was 32; the average for neurotypical males is 25. I believe I experience empathy, and so did the psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists I have spoken with at various points in my life. I am 27 years old.


This is the Empathy Quotient questionnaire. It's a self-report for behavior. It was developed by the same man, also for autism.
>Your Empathy Quotient score was 22 out of a possible 80.
Jesus fucking Christ. I mean, I know I'm socially crippled, but, fuck.

Anyone else get wildly divergent scores between these two tests?
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18 out of 36 on the first test.

I'm diagnosed with PDD-NOS (a form of autism), so I guess I didn't do too bad. It's easy to see that some options are definitely not the answer.


No, I answered like it was a job application and got 76 out of 80

If I answered honestly it would be much lower.


File: 1411373148715.gif (599.02 KB, 650x713, 1387781039087.gif)

25 on the eye one.
24 on the empathy quotient


Eyes Test - 29/36
Empathy - 25/80

Diagnosed Schizoid. Life is easy and good, and beer makes it kind of colorful.


File: 1411390243888.gif (315.49 KB, 350x300, 1400947575211.gif)

I don't take tests to be real indicators of anything, but holy shit. If I'm that far off the median of normal people for that second one, it makes me wonder.

File: 1411298857241.jpg (298.53 KB, 1600x1130, 3389724-5639818850-623_m.jpg)

 No.78691 [Reply]

Ascension to cybernetic lichdom general.

The tech isn't here but I wonder if you could do it step by step by slowly replacing organs of your body with artificial ones. It's not like wizards have anything better to do so what academic field should one get into? Biomedical engineering and electronics?
41 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


> it doesn't matter if they're changing between neurons or transistors.
Alright. If the thing is so simple, do it then. Gee, you should have studied electronics instead of biochemistry, haven't you.


>one thousandth of the books, films, video games, music, hobbies, past times, etc. out there.

all that's probably very true.Except the last one if you were really dedicated you could probably cover a lot of whats available,especially if you're staying within your own language.


Hi Wizards, electrical engineer here. Just want to let you know that we are nowhere near this level of technology and probably will not get there in the next hundred years.

While it's true that your consciousness is (to the best of anyone's knowledge) the result of a mathematical pattern of electrical signals, actually converting the data in your brain into data on some sort of artificial brain would be tough because of how difficult brain mapping is.

Basically, though the brain shares a passing similarity with computers in the sense that it stores data as electrical signals/physical connections the architecture of the two are very different and we don't completely understand how the brains architecture is tied with its function. In order to understand this we would first need to map the the brain which seems almost impossibly hard considering we can't observe the brain at a fine level without potentially destroying it. Even if we could get a perfect picture of someone's brain it would take a very long time to understand it, and then we'd still have to wait before we could reverse engineer an artificial version that could interface with your biological brain.

Overall I think it'd be unrealistic to expect to expect to be able to replace your brain or most other organs with something artificial within your lifetime.


Who ever develops it isnt going to share it, they are immortal, anything they need they have time to get on their own.


I am always looking at lab equipment on ebay or aliexpress or youtubing diy examples, Definitly gonna own a secret hidden lab someday.


But ya modern medicine is one step above psuedoscience.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1411389948000.jpg (155.63 KB, 499x920, return_by_majesticchicken-d4ip…)

Converting an organic brain into an artificial one is the last step in the entire process.

How about we start from step one: Allowing already existing brain functioning without the rest of the body.

Theoretically you just need a pump and devices to oxygenate and enrich with nutrition your blood. Then you just hook that system into your artery. There goes the need of your heart, lungs and digestive system. Later you could introduce filtering systems to replace kidneys and liver.

File: 1411180176702.jpg (3.4 MB, 3456x2304, Matsushiro_Zouzan_Underground_…)

 No.78341 [Reply]

I have always been fascinated with living underground.
It seems like the perfect sanctuary: completely cut off from the outside world, surrounded by a nigh-impenetrable wall (the earth), no sun, temperature fairly constant throughout the year due to the earth's insulation.

Lately I've been thinking about getting a piece of land, maybe in the desert in west texas, and just digging a hole to live in.

Anyone else feel like this?
39 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


We send teams in Normieland to rescue apprentices.


If you have time and patience, you can learn all of the skills necessary from tutorials online. It would take the better part of a year to learn and execute everything, though. Construction with modern tools is really easy. Drills weigh almost nothing, diggers are easy as fuck to operate, building the frame for a house is like building a model. Lasers, guides, lightweight materials, cement pourers and so on make it easy to make things look professional. Never rush anything because it'll look like absolute ass though.



Are you two the same person? So alike in opinion.


If you have the studies, please show them. You may have studies that I or anyone else may find immediately on google or any other search engines.


I love this site. We can learn so many things from one another. Thank you for sharing.


>implying they aren't
BIDF pls leave


thank mr skeltal

File: 1410714010729.png (72.26 KB, 1191x670, __right_behind_you___team_fort…)

 No.76703 [Reply]

Do you think wizards have some strengths normals don't? Being beat up by life for so many years has to have some positive effect right?

For example if a mugger attacked me, I wouldn't even blink. I'm not scared of death like he would be. Perhaps that is an advantage.
42 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


This is impressive. I would love to know how you manage to do such a thing.

Our "relation", with other wizards, goes as far as counter-argument each other, no more.

Do you feel no connection? We all have something that drives us here, and whether you like it or not, we all have something in common. We're all virgins. There are others who have different experiences and reasons for being here, but we cannot deny that we're all here on this image board because we share something in common. Have a nice day.



You can tell this man has attained true wizardhood.



please write more things



literally stop

this is a special sort of pathetic


>literally stop
What if I just figuratively stop?

File: 1409188919985.jpg (36.88 KB, 500x279, wizrrd.jpg)

 No.70094 [Reply]

>25 y.o. wizard apprentice.
>Five more years till I become a wizard.
>Started wondering…

Wizards who are turning 30, whats your feel about the glorious day being so close? >Are you excited, happy, sad, angry?

WTFW (what's that feel when) you turn 30 and become a wizard, or the day after you become a wizard? >Did you celebrate, what did you do?
41 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Not sure why, but the glaring spelling error in this image never fails to bother me.


8 years until wizardry
I hate younger virgins


File: 1411161299217.jpg (137.89 KB, 1351x1016, berrenings.jpg)

I stopping feeling 'suicidal' about grills when i was 17 years old. Just grow up mentally.


>tfw never felt suicidal because of girls.


I just turned 24 and I don't see myself making it to 30 at this rate, maybe not even 25. I'm not going to play a rigged game if you catch my drift. The game isn't fair so I refuse to play it, I'm not gonna sit here and eat shit for the rest of my life. I was dealt a bad set of cards at life while some get everything.

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