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File: 1409608269917.gif (4.8 MB, 640x397, JampackedHalfIvorygull.gif)

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are wizards born or are wizards made
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Well yeah. I just mean that a large part of what causes wizardry is environmental stuff during childhood.



I thought we were like the fringe of any group, less than 1% of the whole population and maybe less than 5% among MIT grad students.

So it's not just us, it's actually more than a third of those brilliant fucking people?? I'm blown away.


"Delayed Gratification" correlates extremely strongly with very high IQs.

This means the vast majority of those brilliant MIT grad students are likely just lateblooming normalfags, absolutely nothing like us.


Pretty much this. When they hit their high-paying industry jobs, they turn into such an attractive mate for women looking for some beta to cuck that they have women throwing themselves at them.
Well maybe I'm exaggerating, but any women they meet will show an interest in them because they make 6 figures or whatever.





File: 1409422978972.jpg (39.94 KB, 630x483, XMen073.jpg)

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ITT: Ways you avoid interacting with normals

>order pizza using online app

>leave money in envelope at the front door
>write on envelope: "I am handicapped and unable to walk to the door without assistance. Please leave the pizza by the door and ring the doorbell"
>no human interaction at all
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Even better, why not just order it with a credit card?

I usually just say "everyone is asleep, dont knock" and sneak outside then bring it back to my room from my window/backyard.


He's mentally handicapped/ has a super slow buttler robot.


File: 1409634048950.jpg (42.86 KB, 500x282, Badass.jpg)

>Headphones with music player
>Long sleeves
>Long pants
They can't recognize me, and I can't even hear them.


File: 1409636370936.png (85.88 KB, 499x499, 1395242356001.png)

that feel when you for pizza with coins



Actually you can include the tip in the bill, the main problem is that they will require you to sign the receipt if you pay by credit.

File: 1409638040525.jpg (39.52 KB, 360x360, image.jpg)

 No.71984 [Reply]

>tfw you finally make a good piece of music

Its not exactly what you envisioned, a lot of it was done on the fly but somehow it is uniquely your own, it has those traces of your terrible habits and ideas of your earlier abominations but somehow now those ideas are aesthetically pleasing enough to transcend their inherent awkward subjectivity. You know you took longer than most normalfags just to make a decent piece of music, by now Chad would be signed onto a record label, but this is a personal victory. This is the kind of personal victory that can justify a state of solipsism in which the talent and indeed existence of others can be negated

>tfw you don't know if you can do it again


>good feels thread
>goes onto talk bitterly about people who have talent
>Can only focus on negative aspects of his accomplishment

Back to /v9k/ Warlock

File: 1409618631174.jpg (37.14 KB, 400x273, 1409618222131[1].jpg)

 No.71898 [Reply]

I'm planning on making a short psychological drama film centered on a NEET.

Fellow NEETs, I'm asking you to kindly share your beliefs, ideologies (political/religious), and philosophies based on and around your chosen lifestyle. Please try to keep white nationalism to a minimum as I'm planning for the film to appeal to a rather niche audience and yet still be considered for acceptance by the viewers and judges of various film festivals.

Feel free to answer these questions at your own will. These questions were made on a whim, so if you feel there's something important not being questioned feel free to answer that for me. I want to portray the NEET in a positive light, and make a film that will be seen as an important commentary on the current state of a society centered on hedonism and its shortsightedness of a progressive technological/scientific future for the human race:

1. What made you become a NEET?

2. What are your daily activities outside of 4chan but which are still within the confines of your own home/room?

3. For those who practice self-study and physical/mental discipline, what are your favorite works and inspirational leaders/philosophers/politicians/religious figures?

4. What are your main goals for your life and for the world at large (should you believe you have the power to change it)?

5. Do you believe that love is a detrimental aspect to your future?
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File: 1409625652823.gif (193.55 KB, 499x332, ball.gif)

1. What made you become a NEET?
left school, NEET because i could and fuck work. Forced into college, anxiety, used alcohol and drugs to deal. eventually anxiety and paranoia came back and bit me in the ass, dropped out. Forced into brief periods of employment. Now can't handle being in public/with people at all.

2. What are your daily activities outside of 4chan but which are still within the confines of your own home/room?
Video games, music, anime, masturbation, occasional programming.

5. Do you believe that love is a detrimental aspect to your future?
Wanting/remembering it sucks.

6. What are your thoughts on the working class and the minimum wage job?
Its torture and will grind you down but so will being broke.

7. Have you considered suicide? If so, what have options have you considered?
Gun, pills, cliff.

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1. What made you become a NEET?

I am incapable of keeping a job without being fired and can not have a normal conversation. No money for education.

2. What are your daily activities outside of 4chan but which are still within the confines of your own home/room?

Why would I use 4chan? I go to a lot of websites but rarely 4chan, watch liveleak/youtube videos and drink a few beers. Listen to music.

3. For those who practice self-study and physical/mental discipline, what are your favorite works and inspirational leaders/philosophers/politicians/religious figures?

I have none.

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>Mary & Max
>tfw going to end up like Max
>tfw will never have a qt pen-pal who relates to me and understands me
Life is suffering


OP here, I've already undergone serious dicussions with a cinematographer and an actor, so just remember your posts were not in vain. I will seriously consider everything that is posted here, as long is it conforms to the true spirit of a NEET.


>all those responses
Good job guys, NSA will surely make good use of all this data :^)

File: 1409368887335.jpg (25.39 KB, 413x289, dont stand to close so i can c…)

 No.70880 [Reply]

Why can't a woman be a wizard?

What are women virgins over 30? Witches?

Does it mean they're pure and worthwhile, or just too fat, ugly, and dumb to be a slut?

Pic unrelated- except that I've had it basically said to me. tfw
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File: 1409620846955.gif (402.42 KB, 400x300, 1405291527013.gif)

I can't grow a beard


File: 1409634713245.jpg (16.98 KB, 640x349, 138310274727.jpg)

>Christine Chubbuck


>too dumb to be a slut



She had dates and was definitely nowhere near kisslessness according to her surviving kin and friends. She had "never been on more than two dates with a man," meaning she had been up to two dates with multiple men. We ban menfolk from this place for much less.


>Christine Chubbuck
Alpha male chasing slut.

File: 1409554279166.jpg (9.97 KB, 193x245, 1377194942462.jpg)

 No.71657 [Reply]

>connect to internet
>that instant fear of being in a botnet
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I am untraceable becuase I am a total Bamby


File: 1409628096164.gif (1.99 MB, 400x225, 1398039629975.gif)


This is my biggest fear right next to being in a botnet.


Back when I had a webcam I used to put painters tape over it (hoping it wouldn't leave too much residue). If I get a new one I'll just point it at the ceiling. If some fucker wants to *hear* me jackoff that's his bidness.


worrying back during school that they left on purpose and this is part of a reality show, and once i start fapping it'll be broadcast live on tv.


oh my fucking god

File: 1409580408399.jpg (70.12 KB, 800x1200, 1622299_620750671307044_105560…)

 No.71737 [Reply]

So… •Approximately 5,600 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with ALS each year. The incidence of ALS is two per 100,000 people, and it is estimated that as many as 30,000 Americans may have the disease at any given time.
That means that each year about 5,000-6,000 people die each year from ALS.
Total number of people who will die of hunger this year 7,615,360
Total number of children that die every year from hunger 1.5 million
Number of people who died of hunger today 20,864(in the world) <<<<
Q: Is ALS rare?

It is relatively rare. In the U.S., 1 to 2 people out of 100,000 develop ALS each year; worldwide, the figures are roughly 4 to 8 per 100,000 individuals > so around 30,000\70,000 each year in the whole world.

I hate sociaty.
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It is true. Agriculture produces 2700 calories per person per day. We live in a post-scarcity world, and have for several generations. People do not "die of hunger," they are murdered by an economic system designed to create the illusion of scarcity so the rats will keep running after that cheese.

As I said, the problem is not and has never been overpopulation. And those corrupt governments are only able to remain in power, and the civil wars are only able to continue, because Western governments and corporations keep funding them.
The Dictator's Handbook offers a pretty good explanation. Warlords are cheaper to buy off than dictators, dictators are cheaper to buy off than corrupt democrats (places with apartheid, rampant fraud, etc), and a corrupt democracy is cheap compared to a less corrupt one.


>It's like breeding mice, if you keep increasing the food amount you buy for them their population will just keep getting bigger until one day you say "Man these mice are getting really expensive to feed".
That is not what happened in Calhoun's Mouse Utopia.


>Agriculture produces 2700 calories per person per day. We live in a post-scarcity world
That's a contradiction and the first is a half-truth at best.


Closer to what is the truth is that we produce 2-3% more than we actually consume.
No food is stockpiled.


About that I meant more that talking about X amount of calories is so vague as to be an almost worthless piece of data. It's tells very little in a nutritional sense and pretty much nothing when it comes down to analyzing the production and distribution of food in the world.

File: 1409575037281.jpg (33.87 KB, 896x349, 1408259521179.jpg)

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Which youth subculture best embodies the postmodern aesthetic?

The hipsters of course. Everything is a joke to them.

More than anything else, that seems to be a crutch. A way of coping with life's relativistic meaninglessness.
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Well, to some extent you are right because greens oppose a lot of stuff, but they still follow many fundamental things like, you love people, get together, have sex. We reject even that. Wizardry probably will never become a big counterculture because it rejects that most fundamental assumptions of society.


>Wizardry probably will never become a big counterculture because it rejects that most fundamental assumptions of society.
Not to mention biology. If wizardry was mainstream humanity would die out in a generation.


very well put


How is troll/chan culture any better than hipster culture in this regard? Both attempt to completely insulate the participant from having to take anything seriously so they don't run the risk of looking foolish or being humiliated if something they earnestly like is disparaged, because everything is a joke, "srs biz", etc to them. They're both feeble escapes from earnestness.


hipster culture constantly feigns earnestness and authenticity, while at the same time never living in an authentic fashion. so they get stuck in that cycle, oscillating between earnestness and irony and never producing anything that isn't tempered by their own skepticism. chan culture is more truly nihilistic and more enthusiastic in its embrace of nihilism. we produce chaotic and degraded art yet it's produced with a full enthusiasm and intensity which, paradoxically, makes it kind of life-affirming.

the cultures are inverse of eachother, a good way of looking at this is identity vs anonymity. chan culture is anonymous, the true sense of "Anonymous" and doesn't care to recognize individuals as artists or creators. hipster culture is name-dropping, and in a political sense, always about self-consciously examining the individual's identity to the detriment of actually engaging with the world around us.

File: 1409333280775.jpg (91.74 KB, 773x559, 1368995896001.jpg)

 No.70731 [Reply]

That feel when neighbors talking shit about you outside, and you can clearly hear them.
>He doesn't go to work or school, and never leaves his apartment nor does anyone else ever visit him
>Maybe he's an alcoholic
(I don't even drink)
>Who knows what kind of freak he is.
Fuck humanity. I just want to be left alone. I am not bothering anyone.
Can you relate?

If i had some basic housekeeping skills, i would sell my apartment(inherited this) and buy some cabin in middle of nowhere where there are no cruel people constantly judging and talking shit about you, just because of your lifestyle choices.
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You really shouldn't care. If anything now you know you can freak em out, it can become fun.


Yeah you start to care about more mundane stuff in general but you care less about your own skin, body, hair etc. You are what you are.


File: 1409596827837.png (52.5 KB, 432x397, 1370373780001.png)

Feeling that feel. Everyone's too depressed and pissed off to care about other people.


I've thought about living somewhere out in the sticks, but

>too lazy to drive 20+ miles to the nearest grocery store

>internet connection is shit out there


Instead of selling the apartment, look into renting it out.
Rent it out, and live in a caravan or something until you have enough money to get a cabin, and you both have a source of income and two houses.

File: 1408772416914.jpg (66.8 KB, 720x540, 98wey4t4uh.jpg)

 No.68057 [Reply]

would you consider yourself a "man"?
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Thanks man, I needed to see that


File: 1409613640989.png (6.4 KB, 443x376, _1rrmb425.wizardchan.136951432…)

I feel like a scared little boy in the body of a man.


File: 1409617746501.jpg (43.01 KB, 853x480, jameson3.jpg)

I want to cut out my brain, put it into a robot body so I don't have to deal with this bullshit anymore.
Not even a robot body that is better than mine. One of those little box things from Ghost in the Shell would be fine.


Yes, usually. Under my definition, I believe myself to have a true man's mindset. Some times I fail to act as I think but oh well. The only times I don't feel like a man is when my mind mind gets bogged down by negative things.


I'd program mine to have a Texan dialect, and spend most of my time hooked into virtual reality anyway.

File: 1408851098216.jpg (44.27 KB, 435x502, september-9-11-attacks-anniver&hellip;)

 No.68397 [Reply]

Share where you were and what you were doing when 9/11 happened. These threads and stories always interest me.

>13 years old

>was extremely sick with the flu, second day in the week that I stayed home alone
>felt so physically drained and sick that the most I could do was lay down on the couch and watch television while vomiting into a garbage can
>forget what I was watching but it was interrupted by a live news broadcast reporting how the first tower was hit and that it may have been a possible terrorist attack
>get spooked
>start to doze off into sleep when all of the sudden i see the second plane hit the other tower on live television
>literally can't do shit and just sit there hopeless as i see all this shit unfold

Fuck do I wish I went to school that day. Would have been much more exciting in a tragic sense.
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File: 1409512188035.jpg (2.08 KB, 124x125, 1388256881669.jpg)

>Fark, Something Awful


>be 11, somewhere outside the U.S
>Come home from school
>Aunt is crying
>tell us is because of the what happened in NYC
>my mom was living there at the time
>aunt tell us she's already talked to her and she's fine
>uncle is just sort of smiling and saying the "muriggans had it coming"
>Watching the planes crash and then the towers collapse is kind of nifty
>Move on with my life as usual and don't really think about it until much later when I understood my uncle's words

The interesting part is that my mom was actually at the base of one of the towers but she managed to get out. She had psychological issues after that but got over it. Other than that, I have no direct relation to the event.

For 6/6/6
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>[email protected]
I laughed far harder than is appropriate


>be 9
>Have teacher interrupt class
>Goes on about "tough times in America right now" (Canuckfag) and how we should all be supportive to our friends and family over there
>Kid asks her to elaborate about what happened
>She doesn't say, just says that "there was an attack on American Soil"
>Cue kids freaking out
>My dad picks me up from school at Lunch, goes on about "Another Gulf War".
>For the next week, every plane that flew above the school had kids freaking out.-


>Canadian homeschooled 7 year old
>live 45 minutes north of New York Border
>Watching cartoons
>Suddenly, flaming buildings
>Ask mom if that's Toronto
>"No, anon, that's a whole different country, it won't affect us"
>"Can I skip my flashcards today because of it?"
>"Yes, anon, go play Nintendo until this blows over"

>Still hasn't blown over

>Still playing Nintendo
>wish Seth MacFarlane didn't miss his flight.

File: 1409421900053.jpg (174.44 KB, 640x640, 140745915517.jpg)

 No.71076 [Reply]

I've noticed that other chans(especially 4chan) have become increasely segregated by race.

Do you guys feel like a certain group shouldn't be here and doesn't belong, even if they're total virgins? Or is wizardchan past race?
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I can't imagine a nigger wizard.


As i've said on previous threads on /meta/, identifying as part of a certain race or ethnicity when not related to discussion should be a bannable offense. For example, you should be allowed to say because you're mexican you have no access to social programs and the place you live in is a shithole, but saying you're a mexican for attentionwhoring should get you banned. By attentionwhoring i mean calling other mexicans to post in a mexican thread kind of shit/ calling mexicans to meet other mexicans in a part of mexico, or starting a thread about whining because you're mexican and discriminated by other ethnicities.


I can imagine a redguard mage


Gays should be excluded, but I don't have anything about any race, just don't start threads about race, they get old


File: 1409628398927.jpg (146.88 KB, 465x672, Black_Wizard[1].JPG)

File: 1404712512477.jpg (71.11 KB, 600x450, long-hair-men-models-tl91swcs.&hellip;)

 No.58712 [Reply]

So what do you do for a haircut /wiz/? Who cuts it? How long do you let it grow?
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Oh no, I have long hair and a facial structure similar to the op. I would very much like to grow a wizard beard, but my face won't let me yet.
Then again, being a pseudo-autistic manlet standing at 5'4 with a slight build nullifies any advantages that the above mentioned features bring.


File: 1409046669632.jpg (29.9 KB, 225x350, 655016397.jpg)

>was originally sad about no longer having shoulder length wavy hair
>realize i effortlessly look like a irl spike now (neck up)


I keep it shoulder length, I cut it myself, its not that hard. I just cut my bangs when they get past my chin and my other hair when it gets past my shoulder.


File: 1409607429951.jpg (11.71 KB, 388x255, MrKidd.jpg)

[pic related] Anyone balding on the crown only? Hurts right in the feels.


I shave my head and face whenever it starts bugging me. I tried long hair. It's too dry and frizzy and I didn't give enough of a fuck to mess with styling products.

File: 1409535447316.jpg (59.85 KB, 590x536, eeeeeeeooooooooooorrrrr.jpg)

 No.71584 [Reply]

I think if we make this a collective effort, and donate and finance one of these machines for someone, then for another NEET, we should all eventually be armed with what is pictured to the left of me. I think we must start the fund now so we can be NEETs forever. Who is with me?
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It looks like a few hundred bucks worth of stuff from Walmart would do the same thing.


>mountain dew and hot pockets
How utterly disgusting.


We always have threads that have a call to action and there is never anyone who gets as far as taking the first step, not even the OP.


Sorry I drink alcohol and I only eat shrooms. I am a true NEET. Who the fuck drinks mountain and eats hotpockets? You guys are not getting the wizard thing, that is just being a fat normalfag.


seems like that would be hot as fuck in the summer, and cold as shit in the winter.

File: 1409510036388.gif (1.45 MB, 312x346, 1385366273557.gif)

 No.71477 [Reply]

If we get to be enough people, and if we agree on the same, we could technically move into a town and block it off and declare independence so we have our own Wizard state. The more we are, the better it would be.
Obviously, the chance of such a thing happening (that many people freely decide to cooperate for their own good) is very unlikely. Most "people" only do things they're manipulated to do by the boys on top. This whole "civilization" is a product of their manipulation and shaping of the lessers.

But imagining we succeeded in barricading ourselves inside a town, we could invite others (hippies, for example) to move in and "live in peace"–this would add more people to fight back the state that would try to forcibly reclaim the territory.
The problem is, of course, as I've said, that only a very small minority are intelligent enough to even consider this, while the rest are either idiots or mindless sheep.

I think it is every autist's dream: to become independent of any (modern) state; to live in a primitive place where own crops can be grown and animals bred; free from any unnecessary laws and most importantly free from job slavery.
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Better than normies.


Living with other autists isn't like living with normalfags. Social contact would be almost nonexistent, and everybody would keep to themselves.


not all autists are dicks.


There are different types of autists.
Obviously the type of autists I am thinking of would be the intellectual types who do not succumb to social time wasting such as trying to heighten their social status or skirt chasing.


Why do you feel that you need to be in the same town as other wizards, when we aren't especially social nor do we go outside often?

A much better idea is a PGP keychain of confirmed wizards. You use that to establish virtual communities. It might be cool to have like minded people to play video games with, for example, but I don't need them living in my town.

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